Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dead on Arrival

It's a good concept, being invaded by alien beings with whom we need to learn to communicate, but it's poorly executed. Think giant octopus, but with 5 legs, and each of the ends of the legs expands into a "hand." The communication is in inky circles, and I'm not sure how we learn to interpret them into our language, but, of course, we do.

The film begins at the end, and the rest of the story goes back to the beginning, so it's really challenging to figure out what the heck is going on. The entire middle part is ... boring. And the beginning and the ending aren't too interesting either.

Arrived is a film I would skip as it's (wait for it) Dead on Arrival at your favorite theater.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Final Debate

Overall impression: Donald says Hillary is "a nasty woman" and admits that he'll have to see whether he concedes the election if she wins.

My conclusion: I know I cannot vote for Donald Trump, but I'm still not sure I can vote for Hillary.

My personal take-away: I want my hair styled exactly the way Hillary's looked tonight!! It's the right length, it swoops back off the face, and there is height at the top. Now to find a stylist who can cut that 'do.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Billy Bush Deserves Better

Watch out, world: the perhaps next President of the United States is having another temper tantrum. In an interview with Howard Stern, who was laughing and egging him on, Trump revealed that he walked in on pageant contestants in various stages of undress -- because he owned the pageant and could act with impunity. So far, there's been no cry for Howard Stern to lose his job. Billy Bush, on the other hand, did what a good journalist is supposed to do: keep the subject talking, providing him/her with enough rope to make for a good story, and Bush loses his job and maybe his lifelong career.

Poking and prodding a talkative subject like Trump, who likes to hear himself talk, often results in him saying more without thinking first, without self-censoring. Billy got Donald to cross the lines of decency in a way that Trump otherwise might not have done. Get a braggart bragging and see what comes out is the job well-done by Billy Bush. Call it locker room talk if it makes you feel better, but I call it good journalism: catching a future Presidential candidate revealing the content of his character.

Howard Stern did the same thing Bush did: kept Donald talking, Stern laughing along with the storytelling and letting Donald run his mouth about how he thinks about and treats women. Donald admitted to Howard Stern he did what women are accusing him of, most especially the incident at the pageant. When others accuse Donald of what he has already admitted to doing, he denies it and calls it "vicious lies"--unless a good reporter gets him to talk while the tape is running.

Howard Stern got Trump to talk on tape and Billy Bush got Trump to talk on tape, but Billy loses his job. Why does Billy Bush have to take the fall for Donald Trump? Invite Billy onto the talk shows to tell how easy it was to push Trump’s buttons and get him to reveal what he’s really like. Billy was a good reporter doing a good job of revealing Trump being Trump and should not lose his job for doing his job well.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Pay Hike

My Hispanic housekeeper told me the bad news: instead of paying her $70 every two weeks for 2 hours of housekeeping, she's raising her fee to $100 for the same services. I gasped and said, "That's $50 an hour."

Her reply: "I work so hard."

My response: "I earned $50 an hour as an adjunct faculty member at the community college -- with both a bachelor's and a master's degrees."

To which she again replied, "But I work so hard. The house is so dirty."

Well, that sealed the deal! Didn't know I was living in such filth, doing the cleaning myself between times for the housekeeper. I vacuum, dust, clean the kitchen every single day, and clean the bathrooms once a week. Y even uses the rug shampooer and cleans the livingroom carpet about every two weeks to keep the dog hair and odors at bay. May not be the best housekeeping in the world, but the house can be opened to guests at any time without my feeling embarrassed or ashamed of the way it looks.

I talked to Y, explained the situation, and told him he's going to have to work with me one day a week to clean the house ourselves because there is no way I'm going to pay $200 a month to have someone else clean it. We'll set the saved money aside and treat ourselves to a nice dinner and a movie once a month instead.

I hope all her other clients, who are also being told of the rate increase, do likewise. She won't have to work so hard any longer because ... she isn't going to have any clients!

Rate hike? Take a hike!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

A black woman was found guilty of child abuse leading to the death of her child. Her husband, speaking to the media after the trial, claimed that his wife did not get a fair trial with a jury of her peers because there were no blacks on the jury. Had there been at least one person of color, s/he could have explained black culture to the rest of the jurors, leading (of course) to a verdict of not guilty.

We all share what’s called the human condition, a set of circumstances that bring us commonality, that make us peers. Our individual uniqueness does not separate us from our commonalities; it simply broadens the definition of one's self in relationship to others. Peers are not cookie-cutter copies of one another, but a common bond of the traits that we share. Underneath the outer shell, we are peers, one who has equal standing with others.

I guess if I ever have to go to trial I may feel differently and demand a jury of my peers: a white septuagenarian female, divorced, retired schoolteacher with both a BA and a MS, mother of two, grandmother of one. After all, unless you’ve walked in my white female shoes, you cannot know my journey.